Okaloa Flowlab Terms and conditions

When purchasing Okaloa Flowlab, you agree with following:

  1. The object of this purchase is the physical Okaloa Flowlab materialwhich is all the material that is contained in the physical Okaloa Flowlab product box (and referred to in the rest of the text as physical Okaloa Flowlab material).
  2. As a courtesy, Okaloa offers you additional Okaloa Flowlab materiallike Powerpoint files, video material, pdf files etc; and referred to in the rest of the text as additional Okaloa Flowlab material) solely as guidance on how to run an exemplary Okaloa Flowlab simulation with the physical Okaloa Flowlab material.
  3. The additional Okaloa Flowlab material is not intended to be used as training or workshop material; it is only intended for making the Okaloa Flowlab user familiar with the mechanics of the Okaloa Flowlab simulations and using the Okaloa Flowlab simulation through the rules of a specific scenario.
  4. The additional Okaloa Flowlab material should be obtained directly from Okaloa.
  5. It is up to you as Okaloa Flowlab user to embed the physical Okaloa Flowlab material in your own workshops and trainings.
  6. You will not pass offphysical and additional Okaloa Flowlab material as your own.
  7. You will not reproduce physical and additional Okaloa Flowlab materials or publish additional Okaloa Flowlab material to wider audiences.
  8. We trust that you as Okaloa Flowlab user undertake the necessary steps to be able to run high quality Okaloa Flowlab simulations. Possible steps can be undertaken to become proficient in running Okaloa Flowlab simulations:
  9. Sufficient practicing by running Okaloa Flowlab simulations in a safe-to-fail environment;
  10. Make use of our Slack community to learn from your peers; we encourage Okaloa Flowllab users to feed back ideas, suggestions to their peers to better run and facilitate certain Okaloa Flowlab simulations. This is also the channel to suggest ideas and changes for future versions of Okaloa Flowlab, which might/might not be commercialized by Okaloa.
  11. Attending Okaloa Flowlab sessions by and/or co-facilitation with other Okaloa Flowlab users;
  12. Attending Okaloa Flowlab training given by Okaloa
  13. You acknowledge that the purchase of the physical Okaloa Flowlab material and/or attending the 2-day Business Agility training with Okaloa Flowlab training does not entitle you to refer to yourself as “certified” or “endorsed” Okaloa Flowlab facilitator.
  14. You understand that this one off purchase of the Okaloa Flowlab simulation material does not include automatic updates of new releases that might occur in the future, nor does it entitle you to receive free of charge other Okaloa Flowlab simulations.
  15. All additional physical Okaloa Flowlab material, such as new versions of already purchased Okaloa Flowlab simulations, or new Okaloa Flowlab simulations, and services, such as training, coaching and co-facilitation, should be purchased separately.